Below we have information about the grey literature professional organization GreyNet, which this website is part of, and some resources on other topics in grey literature, such as publishing and evaluating grey literature.

Grey Literature Community of Practice

GreyNet, or the Grey Literature Network Service, is an international professional organization focused on grey literature. GreyNet is an active community with activities include publishing The Grey Journal and hosting the annual International Conference on Grey Literature. It is a foundational site for anyone working with and interested in grey literature, and a pillar for anyone wishing to research, investigate, and work within this field.

  • In 2010, the GreyNet community published the open access edited volume Grey Literature in Library and Information Studies. Targeted at LIS students and professors as well as working information professionals, this work covers various topics in the production and distribution of grey literature, as well as its applications and current trends.

The GreyGuide Portal offers information professionals, practitioners, and students common ground for good practices and resources in grey literature. The GreyGuide Repository hosts an archive of proceedings from the International Conference on Grey Literature, and other resources on grey literature.

Publishing Grey Literature

Grey Literature Strategies was an Australian Research Council project that ran from 2012-2015, aiming to provide best practice guidelines for producing and managing grey literature. This archive links to all seven articles and policy documents produced through this project

The Haaga-Helia University Guide to Publishing and Open Science provides an excellent, comprehensive overview of writing and publishing tips, and links to an excellent video on predatory publishers from the University of Manitoba Libraries.

The Goethe Institute website Libraries as Publishers: More Than Just Grey Literature highlights the growing role that libraries play in the publishing sphere with electronic theses, journals, and digitization.

Evaluating Grey Literature

The Florida Atlantic University Libraries LibGuide on Website Evaluation has a brief but useful section on Grey Literature & Trusted Sites, with links to useful resources on evaluating grey literature and websites, plus links to other interesting resources such as and the Open Directory.