Below are resources for grey literature in the Health Sciences.


Medicine: Grey Literature [Monash University] [LIBGUIDE]

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (Excel List) [Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Health Care] 

Grey Literature for the Health Sciences [University of Melbourne] [LIBGUIDE]


Grey Literature Bibliography [Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario]

Public Health Grey Literature Resources [OPHLA, Ontario Public Health Libraries Association]

Community Health & Epidemiology: Grey Literature [University of Saskatchewan] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature for Health Sciences [University of British Columbia] [SUBJECT GUIDE]

Health Information Science: Grey Literature [University of Victoria] [LIBGUIDE]


Grey Literature for Health Sciences [VRJE Universiteit Amsterdam] [LIBGUIDE]

United Kingdom

Grey Literature for Medical Sciences: NHS Data [Newcastle University] [LIBGUIDE]

United States

Clinical & Translational Science Research Guide (CCTS): Sources for Grey Literature [University of Illinois, Chicago]

MGMT 7170: Healthcare Policy & Reform [Tulane University] [RESEARCH GUIDE]

DNP Doctor of Nursing Practice RBHS Grey Literature [Rutgers University] [RESEARCH GUIDE]

Nursing – Graduate: Grey Literature [Grand Valley State University] [LIBGUIDE]

Nursing – Grey Literature [University of Illinois, Chicago] [RESEARCH GUIDE]

Finding Qualitative Research Articles: Grey Literature [Health Sciences Library, University of Washington] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature in Health & Biomedical Sciences [Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign] [LIBGUIDE]

Literature Reviews: Grey Literature Gateways [Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Sciences]