Here are international resources that each give a general introduction to grey literature.


Grey Literature library page [University of New South Wales, Sydney]: [STUDY GUIDE]

Grey Literature Unit Guide [Queensland University of Technology]: [LIBGUIDE]

For Researchers: What is Grey Literature [Southern Cross University] [LIBGUIDE]


Grey Literature  [Bow Valley College] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature: About Grey Literature [Sheridan College] [LIBGUIDE]

Specialized Resources [Gambling Research Exchange (GREO)]

Grey Literature [University of Victoria] [LIBGUIDE]

United Kingdom

Grey Literature [University of Leeds] [RESOURCE GUIDE]

Grey Literature [Resource Guide, Lancaster University] [RESOURCE GUIDE]

United States

Grey Literature: What is it and Where do I Find It? [East Carolina University] [RESEARCH GUIDE]

Grey Literature [Shimberg Health Sciences Library, University of South Florida] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature [University of Michigan] [RESEARCH GUIDE] 

Grey Literature [Duke University] [LIBGUIDE]

Grey Literature Resource Guide: General Resources [Norris Medical Library, University of Southern California] [LIBGUIDE]

Survival Guide for Scholarship, Dissertations, Theses, and Scholarly Projects: Introduction to Grey Literature [Massachusetts General Hospital]