These resources give specific information about how to do a grey literature search for a systematic review.


Systematic Reviews: Grey Literature [Curtin University] [LIBGUIDE]


Systematic Reviews: A How-to-Guide: Grey Literature [Dalhousie University] [LIBGUIDE]

Searching the Literature: A Guide to Comprehensive Searching in the Health Sciences: What is Grey Literature? [University of Toronto] [LIBGUIDE]


On the Quality of Grey Literature and its use in Information Synthesis during Systematic Literature Reviews [thesis]

United Kingdom

Systematic Reviews: Searching for Grey Literature and On-Going Research [University of Oxford] [LIBGUIDE]

Searching for Systematic Reviews: Grey Literature [King’s College London] [LIBGUIDE]

United States

Systematic Reviews – Grey Literature [Hirsh Health Sciences Library, Tufts University] [RESEARCH GUIDE]